I read today on the internet that a scientist in Sweden has come up with a vaccine for men that helps them understand women.

Unfortunately, in the mad rush to receive the vaccine the scientist was trampled to death and the vaccine was destroyed.

Since it has been awhile, a LOOONG while since my last post, I thought today would be a good day to update. The weekend was nothing to write home about except for the fact that I got to see Holley yesterday for the first time in weeks. Between mine and her schedule, its a wonder how we ever met in the first place. But all is well. I am going to see her play softball tonight so 2 nights in a row, I won’t know how to act.


Bury the hatchet

All is well in the land again. Me and my net buddy Karen (see previous 2 posts) have buried the hatchet. She was not getting my emails because her ISP at work was not working. So this morning, all the emails she sent me two days ago suddenly appeared.

So peace out….

Pebble from the hand

Once again, a violent misguided, misinformed female friend of mine, has obviously never heard the definition of a JOKE and this person continues to ramble endlessly on her website, the one she created at my suggestion to be able to show others her HTML abilities and not to glorify herself. This person, regardless of how talented she may be, needs to realize that…”Hey, it was an
joke!!!” Get over it or die with it on your mind I say. If all that you have to say about someone’s site is negative comments, don’t bother. If I wanted to hear nagging and complaining, I would still be married. You know I think your “Da Bomb” when it comes to sites and graphics. And your E N C O U R A G E M E N T (see webster’s dictionary for correct definition) and HELP is greatly appreciated. But this hiding out, attacking me through your blog page and not returning my calls, well let’s just say it’s a little too 3rd grade for me. Oh, and you might want to check this link out,  HTML Guidelines  , because some of your code is a little out of date…..

“When you can take the pebble from the hand grasshopper, then you may leave the village…..”

Long distance criticism

So like its been an interesting day. A close friend of mine called me, LONG DISTANCE, to tell me that she thinks my web page is in need of some help because I like frames. DUH. Any good marketing web designer will tell you that if someone has a chance to leave your site, they might not come back to it. Henceforth, I have all of my links opening while still remaining on my site. And this “constructive criticism” coming from someone who:



You know who you are….Call me when you have stepped up to the plate and FINALLY gotten your own DOMAIN. lol…..(ps: you also know this is a joke in retaliation for the blog you put on your page as well…..)