Comfort from the unexpected….

So tonight, Stephanie White and I had to have the difficult conversation with the boys about the schools closing for 2 weeks and how this might impact their trip to universal IF spring break is canceled. We told them that it is serious and we are going to be careful but we are not scared. We know God will protect us. We shared Psalms 91:10

“No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;”

My son Jason was in tears. Not because he might not get to go to Florida, but he was so scared of this virus. As I put my arms around him to console him, comfort came from the unexpected. Our 80 lb. lapdog Lily, who is normally off the charts wild and crazy, came up to him as he was crying, and began to lick his hands, CALMLY, and just love all over him. It was truly a moment of where God used a family pet, a member of our family, to comfort Jason in his time of fear.

As I watched this amazing sight, it was hard to be the dad and hold back the tears, and pray with my family.

Thank You God for bringing this amazing wild and crazy animal into our lives.