A little Catch Me Up…2020

312 days
That’s how long its been since I posted my previous blog post. I can’t remember a year in my entire life that has gone by as fast as this one has. It seems like just yesterday we were coming home from Pigeon Forge and now our annual trip is just a little more than a month away. Where is the world did the time go?
I love my blog. If for nothing else, for keeping memories alive. When I go back and read where I’ve been and what I’ve been through, it takes me back to those moments in the past that were so important that I don’t want to forget them.
So…a little catch up. Here are the top 10 moments in the last 312 days that I never want to forget.(I never thought I would do a top 10 list)

10. Neighborhood Christmas Party – I have always wanted to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors were more like family than just people you live near. We have the best group of friends in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, Steph and I are the grandparents of the group but we still love to hang out with these guys!

9. I get to play bass guitar at Church serving in the youth again – The opportunity came up to play in the youth band at church. They needed a bass player. Problem is, I didn’t play bass or even own one. Thanks to money mom gave me for Christmas and a lot of youtube videos, a few weeks later I was serving in the youth doing what I love to do, play guitar.

8.School Reunion – I have the best group of friends that I went to high school with. We all decided it was time to get together for dinner as it had been too long since we were all together. I didn’t want the night to end. (Love you guys!)

7.A few days at Westgate – Usually at least twice a year, we go to Pigeon Forge. This trip, I was only able to go up for the weekend but was able to spend time with Steph and the boys. The day before I was to leave, I did something I haven’t done in decades and have never done with the boys….we rode GO KARTS!

6.We buy a GO KART – After our trip in #7, I started watching kart videos on youtube. The desire to have one of our own kept building and building until just before my birthday, Steph and the boys gave me a Yerf Dog Spiderbox kart for my 50th birthday! Yes, I’m a 50 year old man with a go kart….

5.Dudes Night – One of the things I do each week that is so important to me is Dude’s Night. It’s just me and the guys going out to eat, spending time together, making memories, talking about life and what’s going on. We take pictures each week and post them on social media. So many people ask me about dude’s night.

4.Joseph wins most improved in Math at Middle School – Steph got an invite to the end of the year awards program at Bay Springs. It said your student has won an award. We had no idea what it could be as Joseph struggles in most of his subjects, especially math. When they called his name for most improved in math, all that Steph and I could do is just laugh in shock and awe. We both were so extremely proud of this accomplishment as he worked hard just to keep his head above water.

3.Jason graduates elementary school and moves up to Middle School – Ithica Elementary does a great thing for their students moving up to middle school. The last week of school, all the 5th graders do the “walk”. All of the other students and parents line the halls to celebrate this closing of one chapter and beginning of another. We were so proud of Jason for working hard and finishing elementary school.

2. Steph graduates SNHU with a Masters Degree in English Literature. – For 3 years Steph has worked so hard to receive her 2ND Masters Degree. Yes I said 2nd. She is moving toward her dream job teaching Shakespeare in a college.And the #1 thing that happened in the last 312 days…

I turned 50 – Not a lot that I am willing to say here. Mostly because of denial that I am actually 50. Steph had an amazing party for me and my friends came to push me kicking and screaming into old age.

I have lived an amazing life and I am blessed beyond what I deserve. Sure I have regrets but I wouldn’t change a thing because the life I have been given and the life I have lived is amazing.

Thank You God for the life You have given me!