Gotcha Day…God knew

Today marks a special day in our family. One year ago today, I was up early getting ready for a monumental event in our lives. For as long as I could remember, Steph and I had been trying to grow our family with one roadblock after another, and on that day our prayers would be “legally” answered. Sure God had already answered our prayers and brought 2 great guys into our lives that fit our family perfectly. God knew before I was even thought about, that I would be Joseph’s Dad. He had a plan before they were born that I would be Jason’s Dad. God knew that these boys would take the namesake and carry on the legacy of 2 great men, Franklin Paul White and James Owen Davidson.

God knew.

So this weekend is all about the boys. Last night we went out for just a normal night out but ended up looking at pictures of when we first saw the boys. Steph and I talked about memories that we have shared in the almost 2 years that they have been a part of my life.

As long as I live, I will always remember the very words I said to her the first time we had them for a weekend. I looked at her and said “Don’t fall in love with these boys…”

God knew.

God knew that regardless of my heart at that time, these were the boys for us. He knew I would struggle, get frustrated, freak out and be scared to death. He knew I would look at the money over and over again and think there is no way we can afford 2 boys. He knew my heart would change. He knew a way to make it happen.

God knew.

He also knew how I would feel each day when I come home and they come running to me. He knew how I would feel each time I hear the word “Daddy” (especially on early Saturday mornings when Joseph gets up early like I do and comes in to my office to hug me like he JUST DID!)

So a year later, our family is so much different than I imagined just a few years ago. The boys will drive us crazy one minute and curl up next to us on the couch the next. Joseph is so much like me that its scary (Steph calls it annoying lol). They are both growing faster than I could have ever thought possible and growing into what I pray will be great men of God.

Dear God, You have blessed me in my life more than I deserve. You gave me a wonderful wife to share my life with and 2 boys to pour my life into. Give me the wisdom to teach them how to be the men of God that You have planned for them. Give us patience as we continue to learn to be the parents You want us to be.