Show me Your way…

Most mornings at our home start early. My alarm clock is set 15 minutes fast and is set to go off at 4:30 AM. My fitbit that I wear each night also has an alarm on it set to go off at 5 AM. Usually I hear my alarm clock around 4:45 and hit snooze a few times until I feel the fitbit go off at 5. I do this with the plan to get up and walk each morning. Some mornings it works, some mornings it does not.

Today was one of those days those days that the plan seemed to work. I was up at 4:45 dressed and ready to go out in to the cool November morning air. Normally I would grab my iPhone but today I grabbed my iPod that has more of a music selection on it. Out the door to ZZtop and away I went.

A few moments in to the walk, worship music that I have not listened to in a while came on. On my iPhone I have music that our worship team is going to do just so I can listen and learn the music when I have a chance in the car or at work. On my iPod, is everything that I have and have had for a while including music by Jennifer Knapp, “A Little More”.

“For all the sin that lives in me
It took a nail to set me free
Still what I do, I don’t want to do
And so goes the story

What You had in mind
What we seek we’ll find
Shine, show me grace

A little more than I can give
A little more than I deserve
Unearth this holiness I can’t earn
It’s a little more than I can give
A little more than I deserve”

Although I have only seen her in concert one time, I have great memories of seeing her open for Third Day with my buddies Derrick and Danny and their families. I can almost hear Danny saying that he hoped this was her second song, her first and her last as we both were there to hear Third Day. (Ironically both of us really grew to love her music AFTER the Third Day concert)

Danny has gone on to be with Christ and I really miss him this time of the year.

So when this song came on this morning, I immediately remembered a time of my life where I can honestly say I was as close to Christ as I have ever been. Danny and I would call each other late at night to debate scripture and share new found scripture. We both had an intense passion for the word that I have not had in a very long time.

Sure we all get busy…

Sure we all have so much to do…




The holidays are coming up…

I had to ask myself where does Christ fit in this schedule? Where am I placing my hope?

Immediately following the Jennifer Knapp song, Third Day came on next, just like they did that night at the concert.

As I was walking in the cold morning air, fighting back the tears, I know longer cared who I woke up in my subdivision. God was all around me in the darkness of the early morning and I was having church. I didn’t care how bad I sounded or how loud I was, on those streets very early this morning, I let God know that…

“My hope is You
Show me Your ways, show me Your ways
Guide me in truth, guide me in truth
In all my days, in all my days

My hope is You”

Dear God,

As I felt your presence around me this morning, as I have so many times, I had to let go. I let go of all of the busy thoughts running through my mind of the day to come and what I needed to do. I had to let my worries and fears go. I had to realize that regardless of what happens in my life, I have no control over it. I trust in You. What ever is the next step in our lives, I trust in You. Where ever You lead us, I will trust in You.

Show me Your way