The BEST job X2

I have had many jobs in my life. Some I’ve enjoyed tremendously to the point it was hard to leave. Some not so much. I’ve worked at KMart during my first summer working and at Walmart in the toy department DURING CHRISTMAS. I’ve made burgers and fries at a McDonalds (2 months was all that I could do here…) and I’ve cut more lawns of grass than I could count. I’ve built roof trusses for homes and I’ve been an order puller in a warehouse.
Following some college classes, I found my career path taking me to work for an architect and then later for 3 mechanical engineers and 2 mechanical contractors doing one thing that I have loved to do for as long as I can remember, draw. Now I get to draw every day all day using computer programs to create engineering designs, and I get paid to do this. How crazy is that?
That being said, money isn’t everything. Sure it pays the bills and sure I love to draw, but my desire and passion in life is to make a difference in the life of someone else. My regular job now doesn’t give me that opportunity. Sure I make a difference in the design of multi million dollar facilities and I definitely make a difference in the bottom line of my company but where is the satisfaction in that?
I am incredibly blessed to have 2 other jobs that aren’t really jobs at all. They are jobs in name only because they both bring me GREAT satisfaction as they make a difference in the lives of those around me.
I am so blessed to be the youth pastor at Sewell Mill Baptist Church. Sure there are bigger churches with larger youth groups with praise bands, lights and massive sound systems. I wouldn’t trade my kids for 10 of those groups. How many youth pastors of those groups can ride a bus to a corn maze with 5 youth, and have them cling to you during the event? How many get to laugh and cut up with middle school youth singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of their lungs? How many of those youth pastors actually know what is going on in the lives of their families? I have a group so close that I know when one is out. I know when one of my youth is hurting. Steph and I are able to connect with them, and their families, on a close, personal level.
As amazing as that job is, it doesn’t even come close to my favorite job. I am so blessed to be Stephanie’s husband. With that, comes many jobs, all of which I love more and more every day. I’m her protector, her mechanic, her spider killer, clown preventer, taste tester, and grocery “getter.” Each morning I’m her Starbucks barista and at night, I’m the one she watches the Voice and Castle with. Not only do we share our lives together, we share our hopes, our hurts, our dreams and our passions. With all that we have going on, we also do ministry together. She is my eyes when I can’t see the forest for all the trees in the way. She is my spell checker, message reader, and fact checker (especially when I say Alabama is 2 states away or that Eve at of the wrong tree). She does all this even when it comes at a physical cost. (Right now she is dealing with a knee that she hurt during a youth outing this past weekend.)
If I tried, all day, every day for the rest of my life, I would never be able to thank her for all that she does for me.
Thank you!

Dear God,
Thank you for the blessings of opportunities in my life. You have given us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our youth and their families. You have given me someone who shares in this ministry and wants to use the talents that You have given her in ministry to make that difference. You are surrounding us both with people in ministry who will help us and pray for us as we follow the path that you have for us. Thank you for the best 2 jobs that I have had in my life.