I saw God today

A few years ago, Steph and I were up early like normal and headed to church. It appeared to be just a normal Sunday morning. We were tag team teaching the the youth at our church on reading their bible, taking the verses apart. We had talked it over together and we were ready to go. We headed out just like always and that’s when it happened.

I saw God.

I didn’t see God in the image that I was created in. I didn’t see a wise man older than time itself. I didn’t catch a glimpse of His robe as He passed by, but I clearly saw God in all of His power and in all of His might. I saw His hands wrap around me and Steph and others nearby as He made His presence known.

I saw God….in my right side mirror.

We were just a few miles from home. We were talking about our plans to get breakfast at someplace different than our normal stop by Panera bread. That’s when I noticed in my right side mirror, a white truck going fast enough to pass me on the right side. The only problem with this was…..there was not a lane on the right side. There was only a ditch to my right and this truck was down in the ditch.  A blink of an eye later as I watched in the rear view mirror, this same truck cut back across the road almost perpendicular to the highway, flipped over and landed on its top on the left side of the road.

I saw God….in my rear view mirror.

The instincts that I have gotten from my dad immediately kicked in. We quickly stopped the Jeep, turned around and raced back to help the driver of the truck. The truck was up against some brush and trees. The lights were still on. The radio was still blaring country music. There was debris everywhere. A mailbox had been destroyed with mail still in it. There was even mail in the grill of the truck. About that time, an extremely shaky man climbed out of the driver side of the truck, without a scratch on him.

I saw God….protect  the driver.

Steph had already called 911. Other cars were beginning to stop to check on the situation. The driver directly behind the truck saw everything told of how close that the truck got to him when it crossed back over the road. That’s when we realized that God not only protected the driver of the truck, He protected me and Steph. The truck was in the ditch and could have easily crossed over taking us out in the mix. He could have slowed up and taken the car behind him out when he crossed over.  How does a truck going that fast, between 2 cars, in Sunday morning church traffic, cross over 2 lanes of roadway, flip over and no one is hurt?

I saw God…..

Then the driver of the truck said something that explained everything. You see, he had fallen asleep at the wheel after working 2 days straight. When he called his wife to tell her what happened, I heard him say, “God must have something bigger planned for me.”

I saw God and the driver’s defining moment.

Enough said.

Dear God,

Thank you for Your hand of protection over me and Stephanie, over the other drivers, and over the driver of the truck involved in the accident. You not only kept the situation from being a lot worse, but you gave this driver a wake up call. A wake up call that many of us today need. You gave him and us, all a different look at life. Help us to not take this for granted. Help us to see the importance of a wake up call, especially one that we can walk away from without a scratch. Thank you that…..

I saw God today….

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