Two Question Project

Imagine for a moment, you are sitting in a public place. It could be the park, a mall, a sporting event, your favorite place to eat, etc. You get the picture. About this time, someone comes up and sits beside you. At first, you think this person seems very familiar but you cant place the face, the voice, nothing.

Then, the person introduces Himself as God.

For what ever reason, you know that its true and God Himself, is sitting next to you.

With a comforting voice, He says that you have been a good person and to reward you, He is going to give you the opportunity to ask Him 2 questions. Two questions about anything that you want to know. Once you are over the shock that God is sitting next to you, you think for a moment about what in life would you really like to know.

What would those 2 questions be?

This is the idea that has been on my mind for several days now. I have sent out numerous emails to people that I know asking them the same question. Some of the answers are people not putting a lot of thought into it until they get to the second question. A LOT of the second questions have been really thought provoking and very deep.

The great thing about this idea that God gave me (He obviously did because I’m not smart enough to come up with this on my own) is that it is a great ice breaker to talk about with those who either aren’t Christians or those who are Christians but have fallen away. The whole purpose of this is to get people to think about “What is going to happen when I am face to face with God?”

Think about it and email me your answers to I will be posting some of the questions here but I want to give everyone the chance to come up with their own answers before I post some of the questions already given.