“You’ll shoot your eye out…..”

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. Sure putting up the tree and most of the lights not working is pain in the nect, putting up lights outside is a hassle, and don’t get me started on going shopping especially the day after Thanksgiving.
However, once the tree is up, the lights are lit, presents are bought, its ALL WORTH IT. True evidence that nothing worthwhile comes easy.
This year, it seems like Christmas is coming as fast. Stephanie and I both said it seems like Thanksgiving was yesterday. The down side to this is that it will be over as fast as it came.
One thing that I do, every year without fail, is watch my 2 favorite Christmas movies; A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Without watching these at least 4 or 5 times, it doesnt really seem like its Christmas (As of this post I’ve seen both three times since Thanksgiving).
A Christmas Story really hits home to me. In the movie, Ralphie wanted a BB gun more than any other present. After all of the presents were opened, he had no gun to speak of. Sitting on the couch with his parents, he was asked if he got everything he wanted and of course, he said no. Then his dad pointed out one package behind the desk that got overlooked. It was the exact gift that he wanted. Of course, as expected, he shot himself in the eye with it.
My greatest Christmas memory was when I got my first computer, a Commodore 64. I had asked for one for months and it was of course the hot gift to get that year. As usual, me and Chris woke up as early as possible and went through the gifts like a hot knife through butter, but no computer. That was ok, disappointing but ok.
Later that morning, I was asked the same thing as Ralphie, “Did I get everything I wanted?” Of course I said no but then my mom asked me to get something out of the back room. There on top of the washing machine was the gift I had wanted, the computer. Dad had bought the demo from Toys R Us the day before on his way home.
Then it didnt mean as much to me as it does to me now. All I knew is that I got the present that I wanted. Nothing else mattered.
Today, it matters. Because my parents got me that very first computer, now I work on a pc all day at work and most of the night once I get home. In our house, Steph and I have 2 laptops, and 3 desktop pc’s. I can take a pc apart and put it back together just about in my sleep and all of my friends and family know who to call when they have a pc problem.
Now I see my parents doing the same things for Blake and Emily that they did for me and my brother. Last year dad helped my brother build Blake’s monster golf cart and this year he is helping him build Emily’s condominium playhouse. I know without a doubt, when the time comes that Stephanie and I have kids, both of my parents will go out of their way to do the same. Of course, Stephanie and I will go out of our way to give our kids the gifts that they want also. After all, we will just be living up to the examples set by our parents and no one will be able to say anything or stop us just like we can’t stop our parents.

Go ahead, try to stop them. “I TRIPLE DOG DARE YA!!”

Dear God,
Thank You for Christmas. Thank You for sending Your Son. Through all of the hustle and bustle, help me to never lose sight of what Christmas is all about. Help me to always remember Christmas is not about what you get at Christmas, its about what you give to others as Your Son gave His all to us. Thank you for parents who sacrificed so much so that I could be where I am today. Help me to be an example to our future children, our friends and our family, like the example my parents set and continue to raise the bar for.

Merry Christmas,