See Karen, God even uses you and you didn’t even know it!

First things first, thank you Karen. Your help on awol4christ made what I thought was my best site, even better. Your ideas and suggestions blew me away, even though you didn’t like the gray ahaha. Your are the BOMB in my book.
What you didn’t realize, is that God was using you. He used you to make changes to the site to make it better. He knew I would listen to you. I can make a site look like anything but coming up with what it should look like is your strength. You are definitely in the wrong field my dear.
Secondly, my little project, has gone as far as I can take it. I am waiting on Dwayne now for pics of him and Loren and contact info. Laurie told me they are going to show it to the youth on Wednesday night. Then we will see how well it goes off. Regardless, I used the talents and resources that God has blessed me with, to create something that I am REALLY proud of. If it reaches one person, gets one person to a church service, then praise God. It was worth it.