“but you promised!!!”

This week, has just been awful. Starting Sunday afternoon, it has steamrolled out of control wide open downhill into the abyss.
First, I dropped my bike while it was parked and broke the clutch lever and scratched up the fairings. Then Monday was a hell all in itself. I just could feel myself slipping down.
So I called in the prayer warriors and screamed HELP!!! Kari is such an awesome gift from God in my life. She prayed for me right there on the phone which was incredible. I called Dwayne right afterwards and everthing Kari said, Dwayne almost repeated. That picked me up a little bit but by Tuesday morning, it was on again.
Tuesday started out with the chaos of voting. I got to the polls about 6:30 and was about #60+ in line. By the time I went in to vote there were probably about 300+ behind me. It took me an hour to vote and seemed to take about 3 weeks to get to the office. Later that day I had to go to another company to show them the software we use. I chose to go home a back route to go through Cumming in case I got in touch with any of the guys there for maybe dinner or a visit. None. I got in touch with only Danny who was on the golf course. After a 4 hour drive home, sitting for an hour and a half on a back country road near Cartersville, I was home. Totally exhausted but home.
Wednesday was extremely busy and then I had to go to the home owners association meeting. Total waste of 2 and a half hours. This week I have been just absolutely covered up. Then Tanya calls me and we argue and debate for about 30 minutes over garbage. Over absolutely nothing of importance. Another complete waste of my time.
Today is a new day. I came in, relaxed, stress free. Sat down in my chair, opened the sale paper for Micro Center, found all kinds of things I would like to buy, but cant right now. Then I realized that I had time to read my devotional book, (something I haven’t done in about a week. Hmmmmm I see a solution developing here.) It was about promises and how a rainbow is a reminder of God’s promise to us to not ever destroy the world by flood again.
I have made a promise, a deal, a covenant, whatever you want to call it to not be in a relationship, not date, not be with anyone until the first of the year. Satan has thrown everything he can at me. I am totally under attack. I haven’t talked to Eileen in years and now she continually calls me. Holley talks to me in instant messenger about every other day, and Tiff and I talk about every day still. Kris has been trying to fix me up with her sis in law Pam.
So basically I have spent a LOT of time talking to women that would definitely cause me to break my deal with God.
Now the big picture is coming in to play.
Me being at home with nothing to do, easily puts me into situations that could break the deal with me and God. Sunday, I asked the guys in small group to pray for me because I fall into bad relationships so easy. God has answered that prayer. He has kept me busy and out of the house were I put myself into those situations.
I might not have understood his solution, and may not agree with it, but I definitely see it. So today, once again, I will pick myself up dust myself off and start again. Tonight, by MY choice, I am going to the Exchange, and who knows, it might just be exactly what I need.