Life as a dash…..

I heard something at small group yesterday that just caught my attention.

“How did you live the dash?”

Explanation: John Doe, January 1, 1970 – January 10, 2004. His entire life is the dash on his headstone between his birthdate and the day he died.

The question came up from the discussion at small group. We watched a DVD by Bruce Wilkinson, (author of the Prayer of Jabez and Secrets of the Vine) talking about the parable of the talents. To one servant, he gave 5, to another he gave 2 and to the last he gave one. The servant with 5 doubled it to 10. The servant with 2 doubled it to 4. The servant with only 1, buried it, did nothing with it. The king praised both of the servants who did something with their talents and rewarded them both equally. But the servant that buried the one talent had it taken from him.
Sometimes I feel like the servant with only one talent. Not because I would bury my talent, but because often I feel like I am not using the talents that God has given me. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t know what God wants me to do.
I know for now, He wants me to work on being the example of Him abiding in me. I have worked very hard the past week trying to eliminate cursing, (a lot of success there I barely curse at all now, still work to do) I am trying to be a better all around person trying to eliminate the things in my life that make me fall. I have started playing guitar again and forgot how much I enjoy it, even though Im not even close to being good at it lol.
When I get to heaven, and God asks me what have I done with my life for Him, I don’t want to have any regrets because of things I haven’t done.
I’m ready God when You are.