Well once again, I know that I said I would keep this up more often. I guess thats why I could not let over a month go by without updating my journal.

The past month has just flown by even though this week seems to be draaaaaaaaging on. But on a brighter note, I bought myChristmas present to myself this week. I got a Handspring Visor Neo. Its one of those things you could live without, but it will make passing time in airports and lunch a lot better.

I went to 7:22 this past Tuesday night and man, it was off the charts. They did more of an accoustical jam unlike ripping the roof off of the joint like normal. Before I went in, I asked God to just show me His presence. And as usual, He did. They played my NOW favorite holiday song, Little Drumer Boy, funked up (its the version you are hearing now) but what got to me was the candle lighting. You can see it at  Louie said there were 150 candles unlit on stage and if anyone had come to know Christ in the past year, he wanted them to come light a candle. When the mass of people had left, he said all but 5 or 6 were lit. One guy in front of me went up and lit a candle. Pretty awesome huh? Louie then said if anytime during the night, if you pray for God to come into your life for the very first time, he wanted you at any time, to come light a candle. What stood out about this, across the aisle a girl went up and lit a candle. When she came back she was obviously emotional so I know that she was sincere. The music, Louie joking around, the people around me, none of them were important but God used them all to get to her. Kind of like the story of the shepard going out to look for one lost lamb.

Then the band rocked the house so it was all good….