I know

Well, its been two weeks since my last update. So much for keeping this up on a regular basis. But there hasn’t been much to write about as of late. Same routine, different day.Until last night….

Things in life took a turn for the better. Actually, they went off the chart.
In life, you keep hoping that something will happen. When it doesn’t, you sink further and further into the abiss. Even when a flicker of hope that it will happen fails, you sink even faster. Until finally you give up hoping, you give up praying and you begin to come to the conclusion that it will never happen and begin accepting that fact that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.

Then….it happens. The one thing you have waited for. The one thing that has had you down for weeks now. It happens right out of the blue and you have to ask yourself, “Did that really happen?” The one thing that I have been waiting on, I have been hoping for, happened last night.

When you finally know how the other person in a relationship feels, the relationship takes on a WHOLE NEW meaning…..and now

I know.